Lassing, 16.05.2024

Platinum Medal in the EcoVadis Rating

EcoVadis is a worldwide recognized rating agency that evaluates companies in respect to their sustainability performance in the supply chain. It evaluates 21 criteria from 4 categories: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

euroMinerals was able to impress with its responsible corporate governance, achieving Platinum status as one of the TOP 1% of all companies assessed.

With the EcoVadis Scorecard, we are taking a step towards transparency in the supply chain and disclosing our commitment to sustainability. The platform enables us to interact directly with business partners, highlights our strengths, and shows potential for improvement. The EcoVadis rating is therefore not only an award, but also an incentive to continue to actively act sustainably and responsibly.


Lassing, 01.02.2021

euroMinerals – new group brand name

euroMinerals GmbH, Lassing (AT) and Cales de Llierca, S.A. Argelaguer (ES) advance in their integration and renew their image. euroMinerals becomes group brand name for this association and common market appearance


Lassing, 01.12.2020

euroMinerals – Corporate Portfolio

euroMinerals GmbH (AT) and Cales de Lllierca, S.A. (ES) combine their competences for the development and production of industrial minerals and introduce two new product groups in the corporate portfolio: Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (inpcc) and ultra-fine quicklime as well as hydrated lime (inlime).