„Combining positive qualities, utilizing synergies, achieving new qualities”

Developing and producing compounds from various minerals is part of our competence. “Not just simply mixed”. By a unique co-grinding process – the common grinding of high-quality minerals – different raw materials are not only homogenized, but to a certain extent permanently mechanically compounded to achieve specific structures.

Normally, co-grinding includes the following steps:
• grinding using a specifically tailor-made hammer-mill
• fine grinding using mills with ultramodern dynamic separation

The incomp special extenders from euroMinerals are multi-functional extenders based on talc and dolomite, ground to different fineness and talc content.

These homogenized special extenders are distinguished by the following qualities

• outstanding dispersibility and wettability in water-based and solvent-containing systems
• low oil absorption (VOC-guidelines)
• very high whiteness (Konica-Minolta FMY: up to 91 %)
• titanium dioxide extender, functional pigments
• matting agent (controllable gloss level)
• UV resistance
• “anti-caking” – “anti-baking” agent
• adhesion effect (Haftvermittlung)


• corrosion protection
• construction chemistry
• paint, plaster, and lacquer industry
• industry lacquers (metal, aluminium, wood etc.)
• plastics industry

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