euroMinerals has the long-term vision to be the leading supplier of specialities in the field of industrial minerals in Europe.


Our mission is to develop and provide optimal product solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs. We achieve this mission through flexibility and personal, individual customer relationships.

Mission Statement

The euroMinerals mission statement sets out the principles and values that guide our business activities. The aim is to create a solid basis for trust, quality and long-term business relationships.

The customer is at the centre of everything we do. We strive for long-term customer relationships and the best possible fulfilment of the customer’s requirements. Our goal is not only to sell, but also to offer sustainable added value with optimal product solutions. This ensures not only the economic success of the company, but also customer satisfaction and the image of euroMinerals.

We also strive for stable and qualitative partnerships with our suppliers. This is the only way we can guarantee adherence to delivery dates and quality for our customers.

euroMinerals values the performance and loyalty of its employees. A safe and healthy working environment is our top priority and a prerequisite for satisfied employees in the long term. We do not allow bullying, child labour or discrimination based on race, colour, religious belief or gender. Through participation and consultation, joint goal setting, and training and development opportunities, we promote the skills of our employees and create a motivating working environment.

As a manufacturer and supplier of mineral raw materials, we bear a great responsibility and are subject to the highest quality requirements. To meet these requirements, we have a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001. This is extended for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications to include the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Comprehensive quality control (from the receipt of raw materials to the finished product) ensures that only products of the highest quality are delivered.

We are committed to protecting the environment as part of a sustainable and responsible corporate approach. Our goals are to prevent environmental pollution and to use materials and energy in a way that conserves resources. The impact of our corporate activities on the environment should be kept as low as possible.

We pursue the commitment to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. This requires safety in the handling of our equipment, accident prevention measures and the general health promotion of all employees.

We ensure the fulfilment of binding obligations for the IMS (such as laws, requirements from notices, etc.).

Without wishing to influence the legitimate individual freedom of each person, euroMinerals expects employees to show the same exemplary behaviour outside their work area in order to promote the good reputation of the company in this way.

euroMinerals rejects corruption in business dealings at home and abroad. This applies both in relation to public officials and in relation to bodies and employees of other companies.