Research & Development

“Innovative products are the basis for a successful future”
In order to achieve this goal, our Research & Development department works closely with research institutions and also has a close working relationship with our customers. It is important to recognize the latest trends and developments in the market and in conjunction with the visions /wishes to combine them into general projects.

Competences for research & development
The combination of “know-how” our staff from the different departmental areas have forms the core of our success in development activities. euroMinerals is equipped with the most modern laboratory and analytical equipment; this enables us to deal with the demand for economic viability, operator friendliness, and safety in the following areas among others.

• lacquer (wood protection, corrosion protection etc…)
• UP- plaster mix (UP=unsaturated polyester)
• paints (indoor and outdoor paints, primers etc…)
• putties (silicate, silicon resin, and dispersion basis) and plaster mix
• dry-mortar (top coat, restore and finish plaster, fillers, renders etc…)
• plastics (compounds based on PP / PVC / PE)

In these specific areas, our products and formulas are tested and optimized, always considering the best outcome. Our R&D Team is always ready to help at any time with the optimization and changes to formulas. This is our contribution to our customer success and also in R&D.