“Innovative qualities made of volcanic rock – natural clinoptilolite-zeolite”

Today approximately 50 natural zeolites are known, that differ considerably in application and quality.
Zeolite-clinoptilolite is processed by euroMinerals with a high purity level of about 85%.

A multi-functional product – inzeo.

inzeo is a natural, hydrated aluminosilicate. Due to its porous structure (containing many cavities and canals in the meso and macro scale), it possesses a large inner surface with excellent and specific ion substitution, adsorption, and hydration capacities. Clinoptilolite-zeolites are already successfully used in many different areas today.


• mineral systems (top coats and base coats, plaster mix as well as glue and renders etc.) to reduce calcium carbonate and iron salt efflorescence.
• repair coating work
• house paint and plaster (i.e. for the reduction of pollutants, e.g. interiors)
• facade paints and plasters, etc. for the reduction of pollutants and moisture build up and condensation effects (indoor and outdoor applications
• pozzolanic cement concrete aggregate
• water retardant
• rheological additive
• smell reduction in recycled plastics
• wastewater treatment
• special filter aid (elimination of overspray in car painting lines)

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